The Sun Shines Bright Logo(blue kentucky with "Homemakers" written inside, with sun behind with "KEHA" inside)

Resource Materials

The KEHA theme “The Sun Shines Bright” will continue for 2020-2021. The resource materials shared via this page have been updated from last year and are designed for use at the club, county, area and state levels for programs throughout the year, with special emphasis on use for officer and leadership training sessions. The facilitator’s guide provides an overview of the materials and suggestions for use.

The Sun Shines Bright Facilitator’s Guide

The Sun Shines Bright Evaluation

The Sun Shines Bright Logoversion 1 and version 2 

The Sun Shines Bright Presentation – 32 slide presentation providing general information about the KEHA mission, focus for 2020-2021, membership recruitment, educational programming emphases, report highlights, important dates and more. 

The Sun Shines Bright Roles and Responsibilities – 22 slide presentation highlighting roles and responsibilities for club, county and area officers and educational program chairs

The Sun Shines Bright Installation Ceremony – theme-based script for officer and educational program chair installation 

2020-21 Dates to Remember