Our overall goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle for KEHA members and all Kentuckians through education about health issues.

Resources for you:

Ovarian Cancer Screening & Research

One of KEHA’s main health objectives has been to assist in funding ovarian cancer screening and research at the University of Kentucky.  This program began in 1977, and members were asked to donate $1 each per year.  In recent years, many homemakers have contributed or raised much more than $1 each.  As of June 2020, donations totaled more than $1,525,000.  If you would like to send a donation, mail check to:

                Harlene Welch
                KEHA State Treasurer
                1730 Pedro Pike
                Cynthiana, KY  41035

Please note “ovarian cancer fund” in the memo of your check and include a note indicating your county and club.

Party for a Cause: Ovarian Cancer Awareness Tea Party Resources

For more information:

Chairman: Julie Hook - julie.hook@carlisle.kyschools.us
Chairman Advisor: Dr. Heather Norman-Burgdolf - heather.norman@uky.edu