KEHA News & Notes – June 19, 2019

County Quilt Squares Needed - KEHA is partnering with the U. S. Census Bureau to construct a quilt featuring one square from each county for use in promoting the 2020 Census. County KEHA organizations are asked to construct one quilt square. It should be an unfinished 6 ½ inch block made with 100% cotton fabrics. Pre-washing is recommended, as is a white background and design colors featuring yellows, blues and/or greens. Each county will select the pattern or design and should emphasize unique characteristics of the county. Each square should be mailed with a sheet of paper listing the name, address and phone number for the quilter; county name; and a brief description of the quilt block design, including any historical notes. Blocks must be mailed by August 1st to Kim Henken, University of Kentucky, 102 Erikson Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0050. A flyer including the complete project details is available on the KEHA website under Quick Links, along with a photo of a similar quilt crafted by groups across the state for the 2010 Census.

NEW -- KEHA Leadership Academy - During the 2019 KEHA business meeting, the voting delegates approved a proposal to fund and hold a pilot KEHA Leadership Academy in March 2020. The goal of the academy is to strengthen leadership skills for emerging leaders within the organization and increase the pool of leaders available to hold county, area and state level elected and appointed positions. The academy will recruit up to 30 participants, with each area encouraged to provide the names of two delegates and one alternate. An application process will be utilized to select participants. Full details, along with the application form, are available on the KEHA website and accessible via Quick Links and under Member Resources. Applications are due to the appropriate KEHA Area President by October 1, 2019! Please promote within your county and encourage eligible members to apply. The eligibility guidelines are detailed on the application form.

2019 KEHA Cultural Arts Contest Winners - The 2019 KEHA state cultural arts exhibit and competition was held May 14-15 at the 86th KEHA State Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. KEHA members from across the state were recognized for their outstanding and beautiful exhibits. A list of all blue and purple ribbon winners, organized by category, is available on the KEHA Cultural Arts Chairman web page.

2018-2019 KEHA Reports - It is time to submit KEHA program of work and volunteer service unit reports!  Club reports are due to county chairmen by July 1, 2019.  County reports are due to area chairmen by August 15, 2019.  Area reports are due to state chairmen by September 15, 2019.  Be sure to use the forms dated 2018-2019.

KEHA Officer Training Materials - KEHA officer training materials specific to the 2019-2020 KEHA year and connected to the theme “The Sun Shines Bright” are in final review. The resource materials will post to the KEHA website the week of July 1st. Materials will include a facilitator’s guide, evaluation, graphic, two sets of presentation slides, an installation ceremony and a dates to remember handout.

KEHA Club Materials – The KEHA Inspiration, Recreation and Book List will post to the website the week of July 1st under the “Member Resources” tab. Counties will receive one copy per club plus one file copy via the county packet in July.

KEHA Manual Updates – The process of updating the KEHA Manual Handbook and Appendix is moving forward. The updated pages will post to the KEHA website the week of July 1st. Each county will receive 2 printed copies of the revised manual pages only in July.

KEHA Marketing Banners - Counties received a new marketing item at the 2019 KEHA State Meeting. Voting delegates picked up new mini-tabletop banners for county use in marketing. If your county did not have voting delegates attend the meeting, the posters will be distributed to the remaining counties this summer and early fall through various area meetings and activities.

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