This web page is designed to provide you with information about the KEHA International Program of Work and projects

Resources for you:

KEHA Coins for Change

The KEHA Coins for Change program supports international projects through both KEHA and the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW). Each year, half of the funds collected through Coins for Change are forwarded to ACWW for their Pennies for Friendship Program.

Kentucky Academy

Dining Pavilion at the Kentucky Academy in Adjeikrom, Ghana

KEHA has worked to support the Kentucky Academy Kindergarten in the village of Adjeikrom in the eastern region of Ghana, West Africa.  Since 2008, KEHA has funded improvements to the facilities that include:

  • Ceiling and ventilation improvements
  • New floors throughout the building
  • Landscaping and drainage improvements
  • New furniture for classrooms
  • A new well for improved water supply
  • Construction of a kitchen and dining facility
  • Construction of a community library building (in progress)

For more information:

Chairman: Marilyn Watson – MJMW1315@twc.com
Chairman Advisor: Janet T. Mullins – janet.mullins@uky.edu