This web page is designed to provide a place to find all of the KEHA information you will need for Cultural and Creative Arts.  The Plan of Work is included along with report information.

Resources for you:

2022 KEHA Cultural Arts Winners

The 2022 KEHA state cultural arts exhibit and competition was held May 10-11, 2022 at the 88th KEHA State Meeting in Owensboro, Kentucky. KEHA members from across the state were recognized for their outstanding and beautiful exhibits. Use the links below to review a list of all blue ribbon winners, purple ribbon winners organized by area and category, as well as a list showing all cultural arts entries.

2022 Cultural Arts Winners:

2022 Creative Writing Winners and Entries

Covered Bridge Bookmark

For more information:

State Chairman: Barbara Seiter – seiterbarbara@yahoo.com


Chairman Advisor: Jeanne Badgett – jeanne.badgett@uky.edu