Marlene McComas

This feature story launches a new series of posts for the KEHA website to introduce you to the members of the KEHA State Board. The series will share board member response to six questions to allow you to learn a little more about the state leaders of the organization. We begin the series with Marlene McComas, current KEHA President.

How long have you been a member of KEHA? 39 + Years

What do you enjoy most about your involvement with KEHA? The thing that I enjoy most about Homemakers, to be defined in one word, would have to be education. With that said, I must define education as sharing with other Homemakers across this great country, knowledge, experiences and abilities to bring to this organization ideals that we collectively and robustly, as a group, want and need to share with others. Just seeing the smiling, happy faces of folks I recognize as a Homemaker, makes me feel a part of something good and worthwhile. Something I feel very proud of, knowing their smiles say they feel the same way about me.

Consider your current position on the KEHA Board. Why were you interested in serving in this position? Is there a goal you would like to fulfill during the remainder of your term?  My goal has been and is developing strong leaders that will carry on the ideals and abilities of Homemakers to the generations that will follow us, improving the lives of our citizens and our communities to keep America strong. My goal will remain to encourage others in the ways I have been educated for values and respect for quality of life.

If you could share one key message with a non-member who is considering joining KEHA, what would it be? I always like to make a new person see how very much our Homemakers organization has to offer. If they are interested in cooking healthy meals, sewing, quilting, crafting, physical well-being, safety, citizenship, gardening, home or outside environment, management for future planning or savings, sharing your talents, entertaining or just have a social network of friends who have similar interest, Homemakers have it all!

Please share a brief description of your other involvements with Extension. When my children were growing up, I was very involved with 4-H. I served as a club leader for many projects, served on the county, area and state 4-H councils, represented Kentucky at the National 4-H Center as the winner of their Salute to Excellence State Representative, and attended Rock Eagle Adult Leader Training in Georgia. I have served on the county, area and state Extension Council various times through the years, served as a director on the Kentucky Agricultural Marketing Committee for one term, and served on the Grant County Agricultural Development Committee one term. I have served on the Grant County Fair Board as exhibitor, member of the vegetable department committee, chair of the flower department, member and chairman of the kitchen, and chairman of the exhibit hall.

What are your three favorite hobbies? Cooking, entertaining, and flower arranging - all of which I have turned all into businesses as well.