Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association 2020 Cencus QuiltIn the spring of 2019, the Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association (KEHA) was asked to consider a special project. Representatives from the Census Bureau inquired to see if KEHA would take on the task of creating a quilt including a square from each of Kentucky 120 counties for use in promoting the 2020 Census. The challenge was accepted, and the project was initiated in May.

In four short months, KEHA members across the state designed and created quilt squares representing each Kentucky county. Marlene McComas, KEHA Past President, worked with Grant County KEHA members to piece and finish the quilt. Special thanks to Linda Evans who led the quilt top construction and quilt binding, with assistance from Linda Lawrence. The machine quilting was completed by Lillian Thompson.

The completed quilt will make its debut through a special display at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah from September 16-21, 2019. A brief program is planned for 2:00 p.m. CDT on September 16th. Karen Hill, KEHA President, and Marlene McComas, KEHA Past President, will speak on behalf of KEHA. This will be KEHA's formal presentation of the quilt to the Census Bureau.

Following the September display in Paducah, the quilt will be traveling around Kentucky through a partnership between the Census Bureau and the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives. A schedule is in development and will be shared on this website when finalized.

This unique project has provided KEHA with an opportunity to showcase the organization's tenets of education, leadership and service. The quilt block designs and explanations will help viewers learn more about our state while showcasing the creativity of KEHA members. In addition, the quilt reminds viewers that every individual in every county counts – a key reminder for the 2020 Census. The project embodied leadership as KEHA members worked to make an idea a reality in less than four months. Service was on display as members volunteered their time and utilized their talent to create this beautiful fiber art. It is more than a quilt – it is an example of teamwork and achieving a common goal.

To see a closer look at the quilt, click on the above image.

Click here to view a flyer that shares information about the quilt as well as a legend denoting the location of each county square.