With the disruptions to county and area council meetings, club meetings, and overall KEHA operations, an amended process has been established for submission of KEHA reports this year. The goal is to make the process simpler for counties.

Below please find the outline of the reporting process for this year. Counties will collect and compile information from clubs and then submit reports directly to state using online forms. Summary reports will then be provided to state educational chairmen and area presidents. Please take note of the timeline and follow the steps for submitting your individual and club information to the county.

May and June:

  • KEHA club leaders work to complete program of work reports for each club and provide those to the county president, county Extension office, or designated county KEHA contact by the established county deadlines in July. [All forms are accessible at: http://keha.ca.uky.edu/content/impacts.]
  • Individual members complete their VSU logs and submit to the club president or designated contact by June 30th. Clubs will then forward to the county president, the county Extension office or designated county contact by the established county deadlines in July. 
  • Mailbox members submit VSU logs to the designated county contact or county Extension office by the established county deadlines in July.


  • County officers, chairmen and FCS agents ensure all club reports are received and tally reports for the county.
  • The county leadership chairman or designated contact prepares the county Volunteer Service Unit report. The report form will be provided to Extension offices as an Excel spreadsheet.


  • August 15th is the deadline for counties to submit the program of work report forms. This year, counties should submit the reports online using surveys that will be available at http://keha.ca.uky.edu/content/impacts beginning July 15th.
  • The county leadership chairman or designated contact will email the Excel spreadsheet with the county Volunteer Service Unit report to kehainfo1@gmail.com. A copy (either printed or electronic) should also be sent to the area president and area leadership chairman for purposes of area level recognitions.

Questions regarding the reporting process can be directed to your Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences or be submitted via email to kehainfo1@gmail.com