The KEHA Board held their annual fall meeting in a new way on November 11, 2020. The Board convened via Zoom with all positions represented. To prepare for the virtual meeting, board committees met in advance to conduct their work and prepare any needed recommendations for the full board. In addition, the board members utilized ‘practice’ sessions to learn how to navigate the technology.

Dr. Jennifer Hunter, Assistant Director for Family and Consumer Sciences Extension joined the meeting to provide an update on Family and Consumer Sciences Extension. She highlighted how counties and state staff have effectively continued programming using different methodologies during the current pandemic.

Associate Dean and Director of Extension Dr. Laura Stephenson also joined the meeting to provide a brief Extension update. She offered her thanks for the continuing support of Extension volunteer leaders, especially given the changes in program development and delivery implemented to navigate the pandemic. Dr. Stephenson also provided an update on the Extension administrative structure transition in progress.

KEHA President Karen Hill shared, “What a great feeling to see over 30 smiling faces from our board looking back at me from a Zoom screen!  A global pandemic cannot keep us from conducting business. Thanks to everyone for the efforts they made to make this a successful board meeting.”

KEHA continues to monitor the changing health guidance and to consider best options for meetings and events in 2021. As decisions are made and plans are updated, those plans and decisions will be shared with leadership and membership.