KEHA Week - Adventure AwaitsKEHA Week is annually celebrated the second full week of October.  This year the dates are October 10-16, 2021! Below are some ideas you can use to celebrate locally.

Ideas on this page are broad and general.  As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, it is the perfect time to try something new!  You may find that you reach a different audience.  And since life has changed during this time, so have the needs of potential Homemakers in your County.

  • Use this worksheet to plan your county’s KEHA Week celebration (KEHA Week Worksheet)
  • Review the presentation from the Celebrate KEHA Week learning session at the 2018 KEHA State Meeting – PDF version or PPT file.
  • Secure a proclamation from a local official (mayor or county judge executive). (Sample proclamation)
  • Record short public service announcements for the local radio station.
  • Work with the local newspaper for articles and feature stories.
  • Develop flyers to post and pass out around town.
  • Post daily messages to any club, county or area KEHA social media pages. Include photos showcasing local projects and encourage membership with these posts. Include #KEHAWEEK with your posts.
  • Highlight any planned KEHA week events on social media pages and include #KEHAWEEK with your posts.
  • Use the Celebrate KEHA Week graphic from this page as fits with your promotional plans. If you need the graphic in an alternate format, email Kelly may at
  • Host a reception during the week to honor county KEHA members.
  • Place banners in the town square or along prominent streets.
  • Handout or post flyers at grocery stores.
  • Prepare an exhibit at public establishments like banks, libraries, the Extension office, or store fronts to celebrate KEHA Week.
  • If any community festivals or events take place during or near KEHA Week, host an exhibit.
  • Distribute fliers into the community advertising the volunteer service units and their value to your local county this past year.
  • Set up displays at the local mall or shopping center highlighting county projects completed during the past year.
  • Put displays in windows of vacant stores in your downtown or town square.
  • Host a KEHA Breakfast on a designated day during the week.
  • Host an open house to promote KEHA, encourage membership, and highlight projects and programs of your county organization.
  • Hold KEHA Day in the Town Square or other prominent location.  Activities could include make and take it classes, food vendors, craft vendors, and more.

All of us promote the Extension Homemakers program and think we do a great job until someone says, “What is KEHA? What do they do?  I’ve never heard of the organization.”  The purpose of Kentucky Extension Homemakers Week is to get the word out.  Plan your celebration and help grow KEHA membership!

Additional resources are available here.