Thank you to the counties who submitted your annual program of work reports using technology this year. Reports were received from counties within each of KEHA’s fourteen areas. The KEHA State Educational Chairs have finalized the state-level compilations, and those are now available for review via the link included below.

In addition, each of KEHA’s fourteen area presidents have submitted summary reports of county and area activities. These reports highlight significant achievements and provide ideas for others to consider. The area reports are also now available for review via the link included below.

As we continue through the 2020-2021 KEHA year, members, clubs and county organizations are encouraged to keep track of your activities and impacts to be prepared to submit reports in summer 2021. Though the current global pandemic is impacting how activities happen, many KEHA members, clubs and counties continue to make a positive different in communities across the state. The impacts of the organization are amazing and showcase the dedication of the membership.

View the 2019-2020 KEHA Reports